Thursday, October 06, 2005


The Supreme Court Nominee

I Suspect She Will be Confirmed Anyway!

Selection by the President and confirmation by the Senate of Harriet Miers is taking place in the rare atmosphere of the White House and the Senate. Other than sending emails all over the place with my opinion on this appointment, there is nothing else I can do. I suppose I am just as unhappy as most conservative commentators have been in their columns lately about Miers. We are told to trust the President. But we little folk have no choice anyway. I am upset for the following reasons:

(1) Bush has missed an opportunity to appoint a justice who reflects strong conservative credentials that are readily apparent, thus sparking the Senatorial fight we have needed for 40 or more years on judicial fiats instead of legislation of laws.

(2) A showdown at this time would cement the Supreme Court into a conservative approach, I believe, because the majority of citizens are behind the idea of judicial restraint and not legislation from the bench. Hence the Senate battle would be won by the Republicans.

This would be a signal victory for the conservative movement, and its effects would last for most of the 21st century, thus burying the liberalism of the SCOTUS for the nonce.

If Harriet Miers turns out to be a strong conservative justice, we will have won anyway, but without the direct confrontation most conservatives wanted to have, simply to set the liberals further back in their shoes, and down in their esteem. This is because of their arrogant approach to getting their agenda foisted onto a majority public that doesn't want their meddling in legislative affairs directly. Then, too, conservatives have been upset by the liberalism of Court opinions in general that have made a mush out of the Constitution.

Only time will tell.


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