Wednesday, September 28, 2005


About Lies and Damned Lies!

Frustration Multiplies

The absolute worst frustration I think I have ever had is to know the truth about a national or international situation, but not to be able to get the story out into the MSM correctly. In fact, the last time I was in the news, they got my name wrong right up front, and it went downhill from there. If our media is supposed to be a bastion of objective reporting that keeps our nation on the straight and narrow path we expect it to be on, they have failed miserably.

Every newspaper I have read lately has substantial error of fact and tons of supposition in it, to the point that it is a standing joke at our table to find the worst of them daily and to have a laugh at their expense. I have said repeatedly that about all the papers get right these days are the ball game scores, and I have my doubts there too at times. The talking heads are becoming extinct, thank goodness, because they somehow garnered the impression that they were objective, too, and a real benefit to the nation every night. They were not. By turn of phrase, innuendo, and outright lies the media greats biased our absorption of the day's news, subtly, but definitely, like the drip, drip of Chinese water torture.

My subscription to the New York Times has lapsed, never to be resurrected again. My subscription to the Washington Post will continue, simply because it is the hallowed paper of my upbringing, even if it is far too leftist and biased. Besides, they do report on the Redskins, and it is mostly well done.

We said a farewell to Peter Jennings the other night; Tom Brokow is gone, and Dan Rather imploded before our eyes for his sins. All in all, a good thing to shake up the heads, and perhaps return to more honest and unbiased reporting. I won't hold my breath! There was a time when reporters, analysts and commentators were carefully separated and labeled, but no more. So I pine for the "good old days" when I thought I was getting a fair shake from the MSM.


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