Thursday, September 08, 2005


Whither Warblogging and TraitorsDawn?

These two poisoned leftist sites have disappeared from view. The authors, GeorgePaine and MK, have provided the general blogosphere no rationale or forwarding address. since most of the posts in these sites were of the "I hate Bush" or "Here's why I hate Bush"; or "Here is yet another thing we can blame on Bush" ; they were decidedly one-sided and ultra-left-partisan.

Several of us conservatives posted there to attempt to set the record straight, but it was hopeless from the start, as we knew it would be. Rabid Socialists and assorted atheists were dedicated to bringing Bush down by any means possible. The main thrust was the Iraqi war, which they saw as totally unjustified and a human disaster caused by Bush. (See the article below here in Rightwords.)

In a way, I am sorry to see them disappear. They provided a lot of fun countering their poisonous attitudes where they stepped over the line. And I personally managed to catalog their evasions when they were trapped without an answer in an argument, which is useful in recognizing the forms of evasion when they appear elsewhere.

I cannot imagine that they have actually gone off the blogosphere. I suspect they were tired of being held to task for their stupidities and conspiracy thinking, and so they opened up new sites whose addresses are not generally available, especially not to conservatives! This will allow them to congregate and commiserate with each other, and to reenforce their loony ideas without the balloon-puncturing that conservatives regularly gave them.

It is all Bush'es fault! (I can hear it still!)


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