Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Israel Sheds Gaza

The Conflict Hardly Pauses

At the insistence of Sharon, Israel has shed its onerous occupation of Gaza, and has withdrawn its citizens away from the huge surrounding population of Palestinians in the Strip. The Palestinians are celebrating now, but even so they managed to send two suicide bombers to Israel. One succeeded, the other was intercepted.

The picture is becoming quite clear. There is no real letup in the war between Israel and Palestine. There never will be in my lifetime, I believe. Israel will finish their wall, and will defend their land vigorously. The Palestinians will continue to assault Israel in all ways possible.
The only route to success in this fight is the death of the enemy; the total devastation of Hamas, and all the rest of the terrorist organizations in Palestine.

To the Israelis, the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist; and the only good Islamofacist Palestinian is a dead one, I would think. Jihadists must be wiped out wherever they arise. Or all of the West will face dhimmitude or death.

Personally, I have long ago chosen Christianity, and I will defend it, whatever happens, against the Islamic barbarians who are poised to attack us again and again.


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