Friday, September 16, 2005


The Good Prevails!

So much good in life it is hard to list it all!

Children (Grown and Gone Now, and Doing Well!)
A Wonderful Neighborhood
Our Lovely Home (but it takes a lot of care to keep it that way!)
Financial Security
A Strong City
A Strong State
Surviving Illnesses
America the Beautiful
Christianity, A Religion of Hope
Conservatism on the Rise
Republicanism on the Rise
The Fading Allure of Liberalism
Fighting the Good Fight
Fixing Nature’s Ravages
Fixing Islam’s Ravages
Making Over the UN
Anti-Americanism on the Wane
A Strong Economy
Good Books
Good Music
Good Wine
Good Food
The Internet
Physical Security Improvements
Learning to Live With the Unfixable, The False Friends, and Nations
And So Much More....


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