Thursday, September 15, 2005


So Many Bad Things I Don't Know Where to Begin

Really Bad Things
(Often Redundant!)

It has been frustrating to think about all of the bad things in our lives lately, and one simply has no conception of where to begin to correct the bad into good. Many of the bad things feed on each other, creating a whole plethora of badness. One can trace the badness of Leftist thinking through many of the things I point out. One can trace the badness of Islam through some as well.

War on Terrorism (any war is a bad thing; we didn't start it)
Islam and Islamacists, Jihadists
Leftist Dogma and Ideology
Leftist People on My List
MSM Bias
Bush Blamers
Elitism and So-Called Elites
Christianity Bashers
Celebrity Activists on the Left
Activist Judges
Democrats (many of them!) and Democratic Congressmen
Political Correctness
Bias in the Universities
Abortion and Abortionists
Gay Marriage
Leftwing Talking Heads
Communism and Communists
Marxism and Marxists
Socialism and Socialists
Humanism and Humanists
Pacifism and Pacifists
The United Nations
International Criminal Court
Dictators, Tyrants, Kings, Emperors
North Korea
Saudi Arabia
The Economic Union


America Haters, Both Citizens and Non-Citizens
Atheists Who Attack Other’s Religions and religious symbols
Liars, Distortionists and Biased Storytellers
Pure Democracy, as opposed to Republican Democracy
Thieves, Gangsters, Murderers, Con-men
Racism and Racists
Uncouth Louts and Loutesses
Stupid People
Intelligent Idiots (many Mensa acquaintances, for example!)
Rap Music and Lyrics
Drunks, Dopeheads, and Potheads
Licentious Behavior
Teenage Pregnancies
Fatherless Families
Anti-Family Ideas
The Clintons
John Kerry
Teddy Kennedy
Joe Biden

Michael Moore

Far Christian Right and Rightists, Dominionists

Hurricanes and Tornados, Floods


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