Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Illegal Immigration Revisited

Some Further Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

Principles at the heart of our problem with illegal immigrants include:

(1) There should be no illegal immigrants in the US: that is the law. All law enforcement organizations should proceed to round up illegal immigrants for deportation.

(2) We have the means to enforce the law on our borders and to make it physically far harder to enter the country illegally. The law should be enforced.

(3) Illegal Immigrants should not be hired to work in the US. We have US citizens and corporations flaunting the law by sponsoring illegal immigrants. These people should be fined heavily and imprisoned.

(4) Illegal immigrants should have no local, state, or federal assistance whatsoever. There should be no education benefits, no medical benefits, and no social security benefits for Illegals, nor should they have driver's licenses. Mexican paperwork must not be used.

(5) A person born to Illegals in the US should not automatically receive US citizenship.

(6) There should be a workable Guest-Worker program organized that permits workers and their immediate family to come into the US for a stated period to work. This program should receive strict supervision from local, state, and federal authorities, and should be placed out of the hands of the State Department.

(7) Those who violate their work permission by staying beyond the limit set should be found and deported by any law enforcement officer, and they should be barred from the US forever.

(8) All of our law enforcement officers should have arrest authority for illegal immigrants, and local authorities should have deportation responsibilities.

(9) Those who traffic in bringing illegal immigrants into the US should receive heavy fines and jail terms. A term of 15 years for the first offense, and 25 years for any subsequent offense should be imposed.

(10) Any illegal immigrant apprehended a second time for entry illegally should be barred from ever returning to the US and should be deported forthwith after being thoroughly identified.
A third violation should be cause for imprisonment for 20 years without the possibility of parole.

(11) All guest workers must have proper identification on them at all times. Failure to do so is cause for deportation. Those found to have false or forged identification and visa papers will be imprisoned for not less than 20 years.

(12) This strict program should be implemented in several stages to allow the various parties concerned to make new arrangements for work. The final implementation should be within 3 years. Stage 1 should be the Guest worker Program.

Coming to work in the US is a privelege, not a right. Hiring workers that are easily found to be illegal should be considered not only shameful, but also cause for huge penalties. If the hiring companies were to be prosecuted to the hilt and fined enormous sums, they would quickly cease their lawbreaking activities, and the illegal workers themselves would have to head home for the lack of a job. This would massively reduce the problem of finding and deporting the 11 million illegals now in the US.


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