Friday, October 28, 2005


Bad Weeks in Washington

A few of the messes for the past weeks:

The war in Iraq continues, with now over 2,000 US troops killed.
Iraq has a Constitution, but the Sunnis don't buy into it.
Three hurricanes pummel the South, and FEMA boots their role.
Harriet Miers withdraws her bid for the Supreme Court.
Bush may still not put up a true Constitutionalist this time, since he is weaker.
Scooter is indicted on five counts, and will be ruined financially, even if he is exonerated.
Karl Rove may still feel the heat, perhaps Monday.
Social Security reform is trashed by the Left, to their everlasting shame.
Iillegal immigrants still flood the Southwest, despite words from the President, and little else.
North Korea and Iran are still defiant in continuing to build nuclear weapons.
Syria is not reining in its support for the Islamic Jihad, nor is Iran or Saudi Arabia.
The Europeans are continuing to be snooty and snotty, despite their Islamic and financial perils.
The MSM is its old self, posting biased stories.
We still don't get a full picture of the progress in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The deficit and the government grow apace.
Gas at the pump is still $3.00 a gallon, and the oil companies are posting record profits.

I'd say it's business as usual, almost as bad as if the Democrats were in power!

But not quite! At least we don't have to learn French or Hillaryspeak. Not yet, anyway.

Are we having fun yet?


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