Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Dissent is what we do every day!

In simple terms, dissent is a difference of opinion, and it is as natural as waves crashing on the rocks for men to differ in their opinions on most subjects of any real importance. Our Constitution, in allowing free speech, asserts that all citizens have the right and duty to dissent if they believe the government is wrong in its approaches. So, there is no argument that dissent is a proper thing to do in this republican democracy.

The forms of dissent vary from letter-writing, blogging and phone calls, to demonstrations and marches in the streets; and, worse, violence, rioting, and insurrections. The last and most potent form of dissent is revolution to overthrow the government.

I categorically reject the violence, rioting, insurrection and revolutionary actions of misguided souls. There are avenues for dissent built into our system of governance, and those avenues must be used to effect changes. Personally, I believe in the Sedition Act and its application to any man who plots to overthrow the government by force. I believe in application of the treason statute as well, especially during times of war and conflict, whether declared or not.

Those who are impatient with the procedures established to correct the course of government or to change the leaders should rein in their need for speed and let our processes work. The President can be voted down after his allotted four-year term. Senators can be voted out of office after their six years in office, and Representatives can be voted out after two years.

There are impeachment procedures that can be used if the sins of the man in office are recognized by a large majority of Congress as being grave enough to warrant such action. In our system, it is very difficult to impeach a President, convict him, and force him out of office. This is as it should be.

It would be edifying to have the opposition to the current administration draw up an Article of Impeachment against George W. Bush. I can think of few more hypocritical steps than that, since, by their votes, most in Congress have accepted the major tenets of his controversial policies – especially on Iraq. They are therefore equally culpable for any catastrophe that follows, as are the American people, of course, for their support in the first instance. Such a proceeding would not reach the floor of the Congress.

Many on the Left seem to ignore this simple fact: George Bush has the support of a majority of the people if it came to a question of Impeachment, and a majority in Congress as well. This is why I believe such a proceeding would be edifying. It would define in writing just what the charges are, just who is bringing the charges, and what the evidence supporting the charges is. That would be a truly wonderful document to print and use against every signer of the Articles for the next election! But, as I have said, it would be quashed.

This leaves the professional dissenting Bush Haters in the relative limbo of scheming for the next election cycles, springing false conspiracy theories on an unsuspecting public from time to time, with the full help of the Media, and praying for the next hurricane or bomb in Iraq, bless their evil little pointed heads. What a sorry lot!


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