Monday, July 17, 2017


The Party

Concern for the Common Man?

There are numerous influential and moneyed individuals and groups that want to tell our House and Senate representatives how to vote and to help them write favorable legislation. Perhaps the most important group is the party leadership. Aye, there's the rub! Their own leadership! Never mind the citizenry; never mind one's own reasoning, or worldview, or common sense, it is party leadership that matters most, and party "leadership" is all about their own, cliquish, arrogant and selfish Ideas of what should go down, how to vote, what policies they want to see effected, who should be elected, who should be steering the log of state, who should be opposed because they don't represent the party or its ideas, and... to hell with the common man, it is party rule and party elections that matter. Except when the little people, the unwashed masses, about half or more of them anyway, need to be cajoled into or lied into or fooled into voting for the party.


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