Monday, April 02, 2012


Voter ID with Picture

Yes!  Give us picture IDs

This issue is an attempt to block the adoption by states of voter ID with pictures on the grounds that it would disenfranchise large numbers of citizens. I believe it is specious and devious to block states from insisting that their citizens must have an effective picture identification with them in order to vote.

First, any citizen that has no ID at all must obtain a Voter Registration Card, which is based on adequate documentation that the person is a citizen and has a permanent address in the district. In my view, once a Picture ID is law, the polling locations for the state can be set up to implement both the VRC and Picture ID, given adequate proof of citizenship. Obviously, if the person cannot provide adequate proof of citizenship, he must not be allowed to vote, and he cannot obtain a VRC or Picture ID. In this case, there is no disenfranchisement for the person if he cannot prove citizenship.

A lot of commentary has been devoted to the onorous need for a poor person to take the time and spend the money to obtain a Picture ID.  If the state provides both the picture ID and the VRC at the person's voting precinct free of charge, then when this person comes to vote for the first time, he can be provided these items, and can then vote; again, so long as he brings with him adequate proof of citizenship. So there is no hinderance to his voting, except proof of citizenship, no cost to him for the VRC and Picture ID, and no extra trip to obtain the Picture ID.

Therefore, I see all of the yelling to be mere blockage for what purpose I hesitate to state.  After a voting cycle or two, the number of citizens that have no VRC or Picture ID should decrease substantially, at the cost of the state providing the wherewithal to issue the full set of IDs at the precinct or equivalent level.

Even if the state requires the citizen to appear at a DMV to obtain a full ID, it is the duty of a citizen to make the effort. Employers should grant the time for this as well, in order to ensure a good voter turnout.



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