Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Obama's Performance

The Public Is Waking Up to the Problems, I Hope! (Edited anew 3/20/12)

Perhaps the public is becoming aware of the specter of war with Iran and her minions real soon now, coupled with the rather two-faced approach of this administration on the plight of Israel. With the national debt topping $15.5T (which bests Bush's spending in 8 years in only 3+ for Obama!), the deficit going to $1.2T+ this year; no budget for 3 years; possible war in the offing with a big price tag if it happens; joblessness at a real 18% not really making big strides at all; a coming tax increase as Bush cuts are ended; and Obamacare coming ever further on line; the impact of Obamacare not well understood and rejected by the people; housing in the doldrums; and financing (possible QE3 again) not perking up; for lack of drilling, $4+ gas prices heading up further with a hard financial impact on people everywhere; the administration touting really hefty cuts to the military and the defense industry just to make things interesting for the job market; and our esteemed Attorney General losing weapons and lying; it is very easy to see how a goodly percentage of the public would be leery of Obama and his czars at this juncture, for the highly negative results both for domestic and foreign reasons. All these issues without going into the seriously flawed progressive ideology and accompanying leftist personnel being installed throughout government's 1,177+ Agencies, and growing!

One expects that by November a rosy picture will have been painted for us to see on all of this. So, watch out for January! Whoever wins will have a terrible mess to cope with, including all of the so-called the roses.

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