Thursday, March 08, 2012


Political Beliefs

Briefly Restating My Political Beliefs  as of 3/10/2012, Modified 3/11/12                                                                                    

1. I am a Conservative, both fiscally and socially, or, in my terms, a “Prudent Conservative.”

2. I am a Christian, and ascribe to a Christian morality and belief system.

3. I hold to a value system that includes faith, hope and charity (love), and prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude, as well as a myriad of other positive virtues, such as honesty and integrity.

4. I believe in natural law, natural rights and natural duties.

5. I believe in the tenets of the Constitution of the United States, both as forthrightly interpreted and as they directly incorporate the tenets of natural law and civil or human law.

6. I believe in the American Way of Life that has existed and has been improved upon for 230 or so years.

7. I believe in maintaining the sovereignty of the United States whole and clear of international intrusions, such as open borders.

8. I believe in a strong and modern defense capability, and in “avoiding technological surprise.”

9. I believe in the free market system, capitalism, but with sufficient yet minimal regulations to control fraud and abuse.

10. I believe in a minimalized government that is sufficient to execute its Constitutional duties.

11. I believe in subsidiarity: that is, employing the lowest practical government level to execute the law.

12. I believe in a balance between federal and state governance.

13. I believe in realism, skepticism, evolved order, and personal responsibility as a citizen.

14. I believe in a proper and realistic balance between theism and secularism.

15. I believe in blocking undue government interference in the daily life of our citizens.

16. I believe in enforcement of our laws: an unenforced law is anathema to good order.

17. I believe that collectivism, while present to some extent, should be minimized and kept that way.

18. I believe in supporting well-vetted scientific and engineering programs that may well enhance our lives and our knowledge.

19. I believe that there has been bad science foisted onto the public that must be stopped.

20. I believe in stopping illegal entry to the US, assimilation of legal immigrants, and providing for temporary work programs for foreigners, while reducing the number of illegal immigrants to a manageable size, perhaps via attrition. I believe in exporting illegals that commit a crime.

21. I believe that government unions are simply improper, and should be eliminated. I also support states right-to-work laws.

22. I believe that we should be exploiting every available avenue to become energy independent quickly.

23. I believe that we need to master the problem of affordable and private health care for all.

24. I believe in a balanced budget, paying down the National Debt, and controlling spending.

25. I believe that the Congress needs to be reformed to be effective, possibly including term limits, fewer committees, elimination of earmarks, standardizing house and senate rules, and managing all outside contributions to lawmakers. In particular, we must be assured that no foreign money whatsoever can be used to influence our elections.

26. I believe in proper education that prepares our children to be effective citizens in our republic, and to find their own niche in society and the workplace.

27. I believe that abortion issues should be devolved to the states, not the federal government.

28. I believe that every citizen should perform some service to the nation during their post-high school time. A National Service program should be devised to this end. Citizens should participate in the governing work processes, and in defending the nation.

29. I believe that justices in the judicial system must be prevented from inventing laws, or altering the Constitution.

30. I believe in a flat tax model rather than a progressive tax model, with some provision for the low income groups. Fundamentally, all citizens must pay tax as a civic duty, but I do not believe in the punishing tax-the-rich approach.

31. I believe in instituting clearly needed changes in governance and laws where there is ample evidence that the change will not have unexpected or undesired consequences.

32. I believe in following precedent, customs, and traditions, until there is a clear need for change.

33. I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

34. I believe in effective and common sense environmental stewardship.

35. I believe that my home is my castle, and I should be able to defend it against intruders with my weapons, even unto killing them.

36. I believe in just war and just killings, but not murder.

37. I believe that criminals should be separated from society for a term. Those criminals that continue to commit crimes should be incarcerated for life. There should be no such thing as a “long rap sheet”.

38. I believe that we must care for the ill, the disabled, and the destitute through effective charity.

39. I believe that the practice of finding social needs that the government must provide for must end.

40. I believe in religious freedom so long as the tenets of a religion and its practice do not endanger the Republic.

41. I believe that education unions should be defanged.

42. I believe that the federal government must not be able to dictate private sector management, salaries, or any other provision.

43. I believe that the President's Executive Order capability must be constrained.

44. I believe that the federal government must be put out of the education business, in favor of state governments.

45. I believe that there must be provision for revenue sharing between the federal government and the various states without srings attached that make the states dependent on following federal rulings.

46. I believe in general, that the long-standing push towards a fully centralized government must be halted.

47. I believe that the President's war powers must be reworked to prevent disastrous commitments to conflicts.

48. I believe that the US must reduce its commitment to the UN drastically, except for well-proven humanitarian efforts.  The state of moral turpitude in most of the states in the UN precludes proper action.

49. I believe that the US wastes a significant amount of its aid money to third tier nations, because there is insufficient assurance the the money will be used for the intended purposes, and insufficient supervision of the actual processes.

50. I do not believe in international courts of justice, or any similar courts, simply because I do not believe that foreign judges can be unbiased and fair to the US.



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