Saturday, August 06, 2005


Paris in April

Sacre Coeur

This photo was taken on a overcast and rainy day in April, 2004. I took a taxi there on the last day of our stay in Paris, and proceeded to photograph many scenes in the area.

Contrary to expectations, we were received in Paris warmly, and were treated as honored guests of the country. But, of course, we were not exposed to those areas where demonstrations and riots might have happened.

I must have taken five rolls of film there, especially of Notre Dame, and its surrounds, the Louvre, and street scenes I thought interesting, such as around the Champs Elysee.

It is sad that the spate of French I learned over 50 years ago was in such terrible shape! I was intimidated to speak more than necessary. But the little I did attempt appeared to be very appreciated, as though I, the ignorant American, had at least made a try at it!


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