Saturday, July 30, 2005


Sensible Gun Legislation

Gun Manufacturers Can Relax a bit Now

We are about to have signed legislation stopping frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers of guns. That this lawsuit was necessary is a blight on the common sense of gun control advocates. They had hoped to halt gun sales and ammunition sales through multiple lawsuits that would cripple the industry. Obviously, advocates for the Second Amendment, sportsmen, target shooters, and gun collectors, together with many of the 60 million gun owners in the US, rose up and demanded that such practices be stopped. Now it will!

Isn't it obvious that a manufacturer who lawfully makes and sells their products on the market has no control over who uses the product and how they use it? Of course the manufacturers have product warranties to uphold against defective parts and operation of their product, just as any other manufacturer. They also are obliged to adhere to many laws regarding the sale and distribution of weapons in the nation.

But to think that they should be sued because of some nut's use of their weapon is simply silly! I suppose that next we will see auto, cutlery, swingset, bathtub, rope, ATV, and every other manufacturer whose product just might be used to maim or kill people be sued as well.

Who made the candlestick in the parlor?


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