Monday, July 18, 2005


Democrats and Framing

Now Dishonesty has a Label: Framing!

The whole concept of "framing" a position seems directly related to picking the right colors for a package of cereal. It is purely an advertizing gimmick that Americans are very used to now. But the Democrats are in love with the idea of framing, because if they can succeed in framing their positions they won't have to alter one whit of their real positions, just as that cereal is the same old corn flakes every year.

They will let the frame or box or package carry their presumably attractive external message, and only surface their real intentions after the election. Much as Hillary is doing now: she is framing herself as a moderate with seemingly strong words on defense and other efforts designed to frame her for the coming elections. She is trying to convince enough people that she has moved to the right, when anyone that knows Hillary knows just how dedicated to the Left she is. And what a hellion behind the scenes, too!

The Democrats need something to run on because all they have done for the past years is obstruct the Bush agenda. But no ideas have percolated to the Democratic top as strong as the simple, direct, and effective Republican thrusts for : a strong military; a smaller government; less taxes; more jobs; and family values.

Bill Clinton espoused a 30% cut in defense spending, and achieved a lessening of our combat readiness by a factor of two. We have suffered ever since. Think of him as Co-President once more!

No one believes that the democrats are for smaller government. They never have been. Hillary tried to foster off on us an enormous health plan that would have created a bureauocracy bigger than the three largest government departments are now, excepting DOD.

One remembers the Democrats as the Tax-and-Spend party. Keep on remembering that!

During the economic cycles we have bobbled through, one fact became clear: reduction of taxes meant more jobs, simply because both small and large enterprises had more of their earnings to invest in manpower, products and manufacturing tools. Especially the smaller enterprises, where the difference of 8 men versus 10 men, given a decent tax break, is immediately felt in greater productivity.

We know what family values are for the Left faction of the Democratic Party. They are anti-family, anti-marriage ( they reject the thought that marriage is only between a man and a woman), pro abortion, all for gay rights (whatever that means; if they are citizens, what do they lack?), and all for having the UN become all powerful over us ( and extremely able to divert our money to their pockets), so we won't go make war and kill people anymore.

Unreal! So be warned! You will have to look hard at the frames from the Democrats in the next years, and perhaps be able to unravel what they are really on about by tough questioning. It won't be easy!


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