Saturday, March 05, 2005


What Can We Do?

A Call to Action

Many conservative citizens are appalled at what is going on, but they have little or no idea how they can resist, fight, and help rollback the evils we face. Here is a starter list of things anyone can do to promote the conservative agenda:

1. Vote! Vote for the Conservative agenda whenever you can.

2. Read! Become informed about the issues on both sides of the political debate, and solidify your own opinion.

3. Discuss! Talk with friends and acquaintances about the issues, and support the conservative view. Develop your ability to be a strong advocate for this view.

4. Web! Get on the web to read about the issues, and post to weblogs on your views. The Web is the greatest tool imaginable to find out in depth about any topic you can think of. Encourage others to "blog" as well. Start a "blog" of your own! Go buy a book on blogging. It is easy to do!

5. Write! Write to your Congressmen to express your views. Let them know politely but firmly how you stand. Write to others that are involved. Argue coherently for your position to anyone you believe has a role to play. Do not express yourself in hate-filled terms. That kind of letter or email will not be read. Write letters to the editor of your paper.

6. Join! Join a conservative group or two. Find a local group that you can participate in personally. Join national conservative organizations, and participate.

7. Ask! Ask your friends what they are doing. Ask them to help you learn how to use your computer, and get on the web. Ask them what organizations they have joined.

These simple actions can make a huge difference as election time comes around. You can influence people.

(To be continued)


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