Monday, February 28, 2005


Deserving our contempt

Vietnam -- A Victory for the Left, A Disaster for the Asians Masssacred and Americans Killed

After reading several articles that drag Vietnam back into current arguments, I have only a few comments. Here they are:

1. We could have won the Vietnam War.

2. The public outcry from the Left and MSM stopped us from it.

3. We lost over 58,000 men in Nam, and our defeat dishonors every one of them.

4. As a direct result, millions died at the hands of the victorious VC in South Vietnam, in Laos, and in Cambodia.

5. It was clearly known that the massacres would happen, and the MSM and pacifists ignored that possibility.

6. Fear of the draft was the motivation for the entire movement, except for the communist elements that egged them on. Cowards all.

7. Thus, millions of deaths, perhaps as many as 5,000,000, are on the heads of those who helped to stop our participation in the war just prior to victory, and who refused to fund the South Vietnamese afterwards.

8. The left and the MSM deserve our contempt, even today, our utter contempt, for aiding and abetting such massacres.


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