Sunday, June 12, 2005



The Far-Right Christians

Approximately 150 million of the 250 million Christians in the US rate themselves as Evangelicals (or evangelicals, meaning they believe in personal witnessing around the world). This witnessing comes from the various Bible scriptures that exhort Christians to go forth and spread the good news of Christ.

A small number of the evangelicals are extreme fundamentalists, and represent a hard core of rightwing believers. Many other Christians have little or no knowledge of their version of faith, nor do they know of, or approve of, movements to take over the government and install a Theocracy. I have no idea, for instance, how many there are. I was told that there were about two or three million across the nation. That is a big number, certainly, but it represents perhaps a hundredth of all Christians.

The majority of Christians I know are moderate, center-left or center-right people, who simply wouldn’t think of setting up some sort of Theocracy of the Right. They would be shocked to learn of a large movement to do so, since it is basically against the teachings of the religion. Respect for the law, and obedience to it is ingrained into the Christian heart.

We live in the City of Man and obey the Rules of Man. When we are in the City of God, we obey the rule of God. In other words, there is a clear separation of the State from the Church as a fundamental tenet of Christianity.

The saying of Jesus was very clear: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s.”


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