Saturday, April 02, 2005


Liberalism, Socialism, Communism

Why Hate the Left?

Here is a compilation of reasons many on the right cannot abide leftists:

(In no special order)

Leftist arrogance and assumption of always speaking the truth, while denigrating everyone else.

Elitism. The assumption that a few, highly educated, well-placed and “superior” men can rule the country better than our current system does., despite the total failure of such an approach in the USSR, for example.

Refusal of the leftists to take any responsibility for the 8 million people killed by the Communist Vietcong in Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. The Left caused us to withdraw from Nam just before victory was going to be declared.

Refusal by the left to take any responsibility for the 20 million people murdered by the Communist USSR. The Left gave its hearty support to the USSR and ignored the gulag and the pogroms.

Hiding behind such group names as “progressives” in order to lessen the reaction to their words and actions within the public.

Taking over the public education system nationwide, and dumbing it down, not teaching American history, and not teaching the 3 Rs or science and mathematics.

Disguising their motives from the people. Not telling it like they intend it to be – a full takeover by socialists/communists of the US, followed by “cleansing” just as in Vietnam, China and the USSR.

Further disguising the fact that they aim ultimately to take over the UN, and to become the head of a World Government, instituting a communist-directed administration, and assuming full powers over the free democratic nations of the world.

Taking every opportunity to attack the Christian Church, to try to marginalize the followers, and to remove Christian symbols from public places.

Denying the existence of God.

Using activist judges to further their agenda of subverting the Constitution of the US.

Advocating killing babies by way of abortion on demand.

Advocating homosexual marriage, cynically designed to weaken the family unit.

Attacking the family as the basic building block of a stable society.

Attacking our traditions and our institutions to undermine our faith and security in our belief in the American way of life. Notable among these attacks are the maneuvers of the feminist movement, which attacks a broad front of work, family, and personal relationships.

Attacking the current Administration for its forthright pursuit of freedom in the world, instead of passively accepting the growth of competing faiths such as Islam and systems of government, such as the UN.

Attempting to substitute moral relativism for moral certainty, which, if successful, would destroy our value system completely.

Belief in the innate goodness of man to see us through the pogroms and chaos that would surely follow their ascension to power. The moral relativist sees good in all things. Evil doesn’t exist… for them.

Using collectivist ideas to drown out the free and independent voices of American democracy and our republican state. The use of Politically Correct speech is an example.

Supporting absolute freedom of speech, which includes opening our schools, libraries and newsstands to hardcore pornography.

Indifference to moral standards, and the mores of this society. Promoting licentious behavior, prostitution, open marriage and free love.

Bribery of the public. Promising a free lunch to the citizens in order to win votes. Free health care, free college education, higher welfare payments, higher social security payments, total job security for life, and whatever else appears to take money from the rich and redistribute it to the poor. All of this to be paid for by higher taxes, of course.

Gun control. The motivation for gun control is centered in the left. They truly believe that taking personal weapons away from the citizens would reduce gun deaths and injuries, when quite the opposite is true. There are somewhere between 700,000 and 3 million reported gun incidents that prevented crimes in 2000, undoubtedly many of which would have been catastrophic to the victims without a weapon being available. Then, too, if they do try a takeover, the general populace would be unarmed. How very convenient.

The descent from Liberalism through Socialism to full Communism has been demonstrated many times in the world. This descent must be prevented.


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